Customer First Thinking:
a formula for the times.

Customer loyalty is a weathervane for market success. Win the trust and confidence of people and that goodwill becomes assured revenue. At its highest expression, customers are willing to go out of their way to find your products and do your marketing for you. They will spend more – more often. They will be first in line to try new products and be first to recommend you. And they will always be eager to hear what you have to say.

But loyalty is earned not bought. It comes from knowing customers better than they know themselves and turning that knowledge into experiences that make customers say, “They truly get me.”

The ultimate aim is to make the entire customer experience – from initial exploration, to repeat purchase, to ongoing usage and interaction – as emotionally rewarding as possible. So that the customer feels that you are always true to your word.

The times demand new thinking and new formulas for success. We believe the time to start putting customers first is now.

AdvocateWilling to recommend
CommittedWill not accept substitutions
“You are integral to my success.”
“You anticipate my needs.”
“You share my values.”
“You keep me informed.”
HabitualResistant to switching offers
“You are innovative.”
“Your products are the best.”
“You are accessible and friendly.”
“You offer value for my money.”
“You are no different from
your competition.”
“You are hard to do business with.”
The pinnacle of loyalty is when an emotional connection is made with customers. They feel they are understood, respected and valued. In turn, they will be willing to recommend you.